Russell's Viper


The Russell's Viper, also known commonly as Daboia, Chain viper or Indian Russell's viper, is a venomous viper snake, found in Asia. It is predominant in the Indian subcontinent, across much of Southeast Asia, Southern China and Taiwan. 

The species was named in honor of Dr. Patrick Russell, a Scottish surgeon and naturalist, who had earlier described this animal, and named the genus on its Hindi term Daboia, which means "that lies hid", or "the lurker."

The Russell's Viper is considered one of the four most dangerous and venomous snakes in India which together cause the most number of human fatalities due to snake bites.

Adults are reported to be persistently slow and sluggish unless pushed beyond a certain limit, after which they becomes fierce and aggressive. Juveniles, on the other hand, are generally more active and will bite with minimal provocation.