About Us

About Planetwildlife

Planetwildlife is a multi-national travel company that specializes in
tailor-made wildlife holidays to destinations across the world.


Our website www.planetwildlife.com features a wide and attractive range of wildlife tours, photo trips, bird watching adventures, ocean cruises to Arctic and Antarctica and hiking expeditions. Each Planetwildlife tour is well organised, competitively priced, environmentally responsible and fully customisable. Tours are led by highly qualified and experienced tour leaders. We also offer tailor-made packages for smaller groups, individuals and corporates.

Planetwildlife is backed by highly successful entrepreneurs and run by a professional team, who are passionate about wildlife and have been involved in nature conservation activities over the years. We have experienced travel industry professionals and wildlife experts working for us who are instrumental in creating the best tour programs for our customers.

Travel with us and redefine your holiday experience. Marvel at nature and admire the magnificent wildlife with which we share our planet.

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Our Commitment to Responsible Tourism

At Planetwildlife we believe it is important to contribute to the protection and conservation of ecosystems around the world. Our commitment to this belief is guided by the principles of Responsible Travel. These principles govern the way we work as well as every aspect of our wildlife tours.

Planetwildlife is committed to:

  • Minimizing negative environmental impact
  • Generating greater economic benefit for the local people and enhancing the well-being of host communities
  • Making positive contributions to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage and embracing diversity
  • Providing enjoyable experiences for travellers through meaningful interaction with the local people, and a greater understanding of local, cultural, social and environmental issues
  • Being culturally sensitive and encouraging respect between visitors and hosts, and build local pride and confidence.

In addition, as part of Planetwildlife's policy, we will be funding various awareness drives and wildlife conservation programs. If you know of any deserving conservation drives or organisations that we can support, do contact us and we will be happy to help out.