Madagascar is an island off the coast of Africa famed as the land of Lemurs. Madagascar's geography features rainforests, lakes, thermal springs, tea plantations, canyons and spectacular desert landscapes marked by mammoth baobab trees.

Home to endangered lemurs, vibrant frogs and reptiles, massive whales and beautiful birds, Madagascar is at times called the ‘Eighth Continent’ owing to its rich biodiversity.

The island’s history dates back to two thousand years ago when Indonesian/African people settled in from the mainland and created a unique Malagasy culture over the years. A visit to the historic cities of Antananarivo, Antsirabe and Ambalavao will give visitors an opportunity to indulge in this unique culture. Other popular things to do on a Madagascar tour include trekking through forests and indulging in some rest & relaxation at the beach resort of Toliara.

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Wildlife Highlights

  • 200,000 known wildlife species of which about 150,000 are endemic
  • Madagascar is home to the unique and endemic Lemurs
  • It is home to the highest bio-diversity on earth. More than 99 species of Lemurs, 280 species of birds, 260 species of birds and over a 100 species of insects survive in this unique landscape
  • Interesting flora includes the huge Baobab tree and over 10,000 plant species of which 90% are endemic