Mongolia is a vast landlocked country, offering an eclectic mix of wildlife, culture, history, unspoilt natural parks and much more. Witness the rich culture and traditions of the past still being practised by the Nomads in Mongolia. Stay at the traditional Ger tents, an ideal base to explore the vast landscapes and wildlife of Mongolia.

Visit Mongolia to experience the vast steppes expanding out into the horizon, encounter the Przewalski's Horse, the only wild horses that have never been domesticated before. Mongolia keeps the History buff immersed with its ancient sagas of the Legendary King Chinghis Khaan and sites at Ulaanbaatar & Karakorum. For adventure enthusiasts, Mongolia offers world-class angling opportunities in its pristine waters and excellent boating, kayaking and hiking options.

Ulaanbaatar, the capital and the central hub of Mongolia is also the World's coldest capital. This vibrant city is a contrast of traditional and modern architecture, dotted with historic sites, museums, monasteries and more.

Popular Things To Do in Mongolia include:

  • Witness the breathtaking scenery at Altan Mountain & beyond
  • Stay at authentic Ger Camps & experience the nomadic lifestyle
  • Look for Dinosaurs at the Flaming Cliffs of Byanazag
  • Enjoy sweeping views of the Golden Sand dunes at The Gobi Desert

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Wildlife Highlights

  • Mongolia is home to 139 species of mammals. This includes Snow Leopards, Mongolian Saiga, Siberian Ibex, Bactrian Camels etc.
  • Mongolia boasts of 450 species of birds- both migratory and resident. This impressive list includes many endangered species like hawks, falcons, buzzards, cranes and owls.
  • 22 species of reptiles, 6 species of amphibians, and 76 fish species.
  • World Class Taimen fishing opportunities at Chuluut River.
  • Mongolia is 'The Land of Blue Sky' and this untouched landscape is dominated by floodplains, forests, tundra, marshes, and desert steppes.