The Americas

The Americas are vast landmasses that showcase astounding natural wealth. South America is a land of amazing biodiversity full of vibrant flora and intriguing fauna, including endemic species. The continent boasts of many travel highlights like the fantastic bird life of Ecuador, the unique island group of Galapagos, the wilderness of Brazil and the historical significance of Peru. Visit the largest river basin and tropical rain forest on the globe, the Amazon basin, and wade through the swamps for a once in a lifetime experience or explore the Pantanal, every nature lover’s dream. The indigenous tribes and friendly natives make South America a welcoming destination for travelers.

Central America is similarly known for its hospitality and relaxed atmosphere. Head to Costa Rica to experience azure Caribbean beaches, forbidding volcanoes, and intriguing forests awaiting exploration. Panama is equally welcoming with its diverse wildlife, pulsating capital city, and stunning landscapes that are bound to leave you mesmerized and ready to plan your next trip to the Americas!


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Wildlife Highlights

  • The Amazon rainforest is often known as the most bio diverse spot on earth. It hosts one out of every ten known species on the face of the Earth!
  • Spot the largest American cat, the jaguar along with the poison dart frog, the scarlet macaw and the howler monkey in the Amazon. Also spot the pink river dolphins in the water
  • Capuchin monkeys, toucans, agoutis and herons reside in San Lorenzo National Park in Panama
  • Giant tortoises and black turtles in Galapagos National Park, the blue footed booby in North Seymour Island, the Galapagos penguin and green turtle in Bartome and Sante Fe Island along with sea lions, Barrington land iguana and the Santa Fe Rice Rat
  • Unlock the mystery of evolution at the Charles Darwin Research Station
  • Sierra Negra giant tortoise on Isabela Island
  • Andean wolves, pumas, white spectacled bears, llamas, tapirs and armadillos in the Andes
  • Hummingbirds, toucans, parrots and cockerels in the Antisana Ecological Reserve in Ecuador