10 Incredible Sights You See on an Africa Safari


Anuja Pradhan

You can see many incredible and unique sights on an African safari. Watching elephants up close or giraffes by the side of the road, like it’s no big deal, can be a wonderfully overwhelming experience. Want a glimpse for yourself? Check out our top 10 picks for incredible sights you see on an African safari:

1. Wildlife up close

Elephants will often graze close to safari vehicles, and if you’re extremely lucky, a cheetah might use yours as a look out post!

2. Scenes from The Lion King



If you watch the opening sequence of The Lion King carefully, you’ll spot iconic landmarks like Mt Kilimanjaro, Lake Manyara, and an areal shot of the Okavango Delta.

3. Awe-inspiring Sunrises and Sunsets


Your safaris will usually start and end in beautiful sunrises and sunsets like these!

4. Care-free animals crossing the roads


The safari roads cut right across the wildlife parks so seeing elephants, lions, and other animals create a traffic stir and calmly make their way across the road is not a very uncommon sight!

5. A Hunt


If you’re lucky, you can catch big cats stalk, chase, kill, and feast right in front of your safari vehicle! It’s like watching NatGeo live, except a hundred times better!

6. Different animals co-existing peacefully


Why can’t we all get along like this?


7. Adorable baby animals


If you go during, or a little after breeding season, you’ll see them everywhere!

8. Incredible safari accommodation



If you think being on a safari means staying in a small tent and having to “do your business in the wild”, think again! Safari lodges, as you can see in these photos, can offer you exciting experiences and high-end luxury at the same time!

9. Picnics in the Bush



Often times when you’re on safari, you’ll stop for lunch or tea/coffee out in the wilderness (in a safe spot, of course), so you can take in the incredible wilderness around you.

10. Breath-taking landscapes


 Africa has many incredible landscapes. From grassy plains to wet deltas, and aired deserts, you can see it all here!


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