Argentina is an expanse of iconic peaks, riveting cities bustling with activity, but the definitive showstopper is the diverse wildlife of Argentina. Here you can catch a piece of their action, ranging from bird watching to watching the antics of Emperor Penguins. This stage is open for other wildlife as well! The pumas, Llamas, foxes and armadillos, tapirs and toucans roam the country. Penguins, flamingos love it here too!

The icebergs and glaciers, mountainsides and salt flats, lakes and carnivals make it one unforgettable landscape. The thunderous crackling of the iconic Perito Moreno Glacier, the mighty Iguazu Falls, the towering Andes bring out the best of the Argentinean Holiday. All these stunning sights are waiting to be experienced.

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Wildlife Highlights

  • Visit the Southernmost city in the world –Ushuaia and visit the Tierra del Fuego National Park, you could also go on the ‘End of the World Train Ride’.
  • View the stunning and iconic Perito Moreno Glacier and listen to a chorus of sounds
  • Go on a Wine tasting trip in Mendoza
  • Visit the Seven Lakes of Bariloche, on the foothills of the Andes
  • Unravel the beauty of the Iguazu Falls.