Corporate Social Responsibility


While Planetwildlife is a commercial venture, a cornerstone of the company's vision is to actively promote and support responsible eco tourism, sustaining and creating avenues of social development through tourism, which will directly benefit the existing channels of ecological conservation.

Through this endeavour, Planetwildlife joins a body of wildlife support groups who are diligently working towards making wildlife protection profitable for the community as a whole.

A set of principles, which are detailed in our 'Sustainable Travel Policy', serve as guidelines for the manner in which Planetwildlife conducts its business. Offsetting our carbon footprint, engaging local communities, creating employment, funding and participating in conservation drives and community welfare projects are just some of the elements of our work. For example, our support for and engagement with Aarti Home, an orphange for abandoned and orphaned children, is just one way in which we give back.

Planetwildlife's aim is to supplement wildlife awareness through responsible and accountable eco tourism, while creating an environment where the sheer thrill of watching these magnificent animals in their element precedes all else.