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"It all started with an idea of a getaway from the daily hustle bustle of city life and mundane routine. With an impending travel plan in mind, I decided to travel to Ladakh"

 "I spent 15 ‘wow’ days in this beautiful country and beauty just can’t be described in words." - Veda Reddy

"Thank you PlanetWildlife, for meticulously planning and arranging this unforgettable trip for us! " R Sai Raamaanandh, PlanetWildlife Client

Whether you love history and culture or magnificent architectural sites or exploring the wilderness or relaxing in a tea bungalow India has it all!

"I finally set foot in the top destination of my dreams. From everything that I had read and heard, Bhutan is no ordinary destination." Veda Reddy, CEO, Planetwildlife

 "During my March vacation, my parents and I went to Tadoba in search of Tigers"- Ashna Puri (11 yrs)

"I was very excited about seeing lions for the first time ever & crossing the equator - packed my bags & started to dance." Abhiram(10yrs)

" I visited Tanzania, adding vacation time to a business trip" Mallik Reddy

Veda Reddy’s 7-Day travelogue from Kochi, Kerala to Kanyakumari, Cape Comorin.

Dr Sanjeev Aurangabadkar's Botswana Holiday Safari blog/testimonial.