Brazil is the largest country in South America; it borders all the other South American countries except for Ecuador and Chile. Brazil boasts of the greatest wilderness patch on earth - the Amazon rainforest. Wading through the water of the Amazon, discovering mysterious wildlife and spotting wilderness that is not seen anywhere are just some of the top things to do in Brazil.

Playing host to howler monkeys, caimans, pink and grey river dolphins and three toed sloths, among other exotic wildlife, Brazil is certainly a nature lover’s paradise. Birding enthusiasts will be delighted with the chance of spotting exotic birds such as toucans, hyacinth macaws, jabiru storks and great black hawks in the Pantanal region. Besides sporting spectacular wildlife, Brazil delightfully pleases visitors with lavish beaches of Bahia, the majestic Iguassu Falls, and the boisterous Rio Carnival, leaving them eager to return!

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Wildlife Highlights

  • More than 55,000 known species of plants, over 3000 freshwater fish species, over 520 mammal species, 1622 avian species and about 468 reptile species
  • Three ecosystems- Amazon rainforest, Cerrado and Atlantic Forest
  • Pantanal, Amazon, Atlantic, Cerrado and Caatinga eco-region
  • Black caiman, jaguar, cougar, pink dolphins and anaconda in Amazon rainforest
  • World Biosphere Reserve, Atlantic Forest, hosts critically endangered species of marmosets, lion tamarins and woolly spider monkeys
  • Cerrado, the richest savannah on earth with the giant armadillo, nine-banded armadillo, giant anteater, pampas deer, Brazillian tapir and amazing avian species like toco toucan and hyacinth macaw
  • Gold tegu, green iguana and yacara caiman reside in the Pantanal