Seven Jetlag Battling Tips

We, quite literally, travel all over the world in search of the best wildlife destinations for you. And while we all enjoy visiting far-flung destinations, traveling through many times zones can leave us severely exhausted! You must’ve experienced this yourself on your many adventures. While we haven’t figured out the ideal cure for jet lag yet, we can give you seven easy tips for battling jetlag, or at least for easing your pain:

  • Plan ahead and get rest. Don't pull an all–nighter the day before the trip. Pack well in advance so that you don’t have to leave too much to the last minute. Starting out your trip well rested and well prepared will give you the enthusiasm you need to start your journey on a high!
  • Don't Stress. Easier said than done! Trys to avoid stressing over logistics and late flights as much as possible. You have no control over these things and undue stress can contribute to sleeplessness later in the trip. When you travel with us, you won’t have to worry about these things, as we’ll take care of all the logistics for you!
  • Pack sleeping aids. Load soothing music on your iPod, bring eye covers and earplugs, and carry calming essentials like lavender lotion (lavender is known to aid in relaxation and sleep).
  • Get moving. Personally, I like to have an early morning workout when flying east to get me acclimated to the earlier time zone. This also helps with stress management pre-trip and will aid in sleeping later in the day.
  • Avoid naps. While naps are tempting, giving into the temptation will only prolong jetlag, try enjoying some in-flight entertainment instead.
  • Avoid stimulation before bed. Don't watch TV or use other electronic devices, or be around bright lights. Turn down the lights half an hour before bed to get your body ready for sleep mode.
  • Watch what you eat. Avoid eating heavy foods and caffeine before bed. Also, the famous nightcap will diminish your quality of sleep, so opt for herbal tea instead. There are many schools of thought on what to eat, but overall listen to your body and avoid foods that you know will upset your stomach. 

Hope these tips help ease your jetlag worries for the next time you set off on a great adventure! Have your own jetlag–combating tip? Comment below and let us know!

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