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Asiatic lions to find a new home at Kuno National Park-is it a good move?

India’s Supreme Court recently green lit a project to relocate a few Asian lions from Gir National Park in Gujarat to Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh within six months. The move is aimed at giving the endangered population of Asiatic lions a better chance at survival and species growth in terms of numbers. The National Board for Wildlife (NBWL) called for the move as it feels that catastrophes like forest fires, epidemics, etc could lead to the extinction of the entire species as it presently has only one natural home at Gir.

Ready, Set, Shoot. (Part 1)

More than 10 tips for capturing wildlife and nature photos

We are not only wildlife enthusiasts here at PlanetWildlife, but we are also avid photographers. We have some pretty talented shutterbugs on our staff, who have captured many beautiful wildlife and nature shots. So get your cameras fired up and take note of their best photography tips in the first of a two-part series!

Seven Jetlag Battling Tips

We, quite literally, travel all over the world in search of the best wildlife destinations for you. And while we all enjoy visiting far-flung destinations, traveling through many times zones can leave us severely exhausted! You must’ve experienced this yourself on your many adventures. While we haven’t figured out the ideal cure for jet lag yet, we can give you seven easy tips for battling jetlag, or at least for easing your pain:

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